There is only one yachting race out there which is considered the best regatta and match race in the world and that is the America’s Cup. As a true test of speed, boat design, tactics and agility, the America’s Cup is a tough race to overcome and the winners are forever remembered as some of the greatest yachtsmen in the world.

Held so far in New York, Newport, Fremantle, Sand Diego, Auckland, Spain and the 2010 race set for Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, the race features the country’s defending champion and the challenger which is selected from the challenger series prior to the big race day. For 126 consecutive years, the New York Yacht Club remained the untouched golden team which could not be beaten. Between 1857 and 1983, yachts from around the world including Canada, England, Scotland and Ireland attempted to claim the Cup as their own however it was the Royal Perth Yacht Club in 1983 which broke the international record with a 4-3 win in Newport.

The trophy itself is a majestic, handcrafted sterling silver ewer by Garrard & Co. in 1848. Originally named the R.Y.S 100 Pound Cup, the Cup is the oldest trophy in international sport history. The trophy is huge in size with more and more club names having to be etched into the silver plates every few years.

The race involves just two boats which must be 75 foot long to qualify according to the International America’s Cup Class sloop. Each team must have a perfect boat design, sail design, fundraising and management skills in order to stand a chance to win. They must also have excellent team dynamics as winning the race is reliant on all 17 team members putting 110% in the whole time. Each team member is assigned to a particular role including the helmsman, grinder, tactician, strategist, navigator, bowman and the scary job of sitting up on the mast to find puffs of wind in the air.

This particular race is the most bet on yachting race in the world with some people wagering $8,000 on the race to receive payouts double the size! For those interested in betting on the exhilarating race, they have the option of betting on the winning team, finishing times and other betting markets specific to the online bookmaker. Although not many people participate in yachting betting, the race is full of money with many elite punters getting involved in the race. So take advantage of the large betting pool available with the America’s Cup and put your bets down!

America’s Cup Previous Winners

Year Winner Score

2007 Alinghi, Switzerland 5-2

2003 Alinghi, Switzerland 0-5

2000 Team New Zealand 5-0

1995 Black Magic New Zealand 0-5

1992 America 3 USA 4-1

1988 America USA 2-0

1987 Stars and Stripes USA 0-4

1983 Australia II 3-4

1980 Freedom USA 4-1

1977 Courageous USA 4-0

1974 Courageous USA 4-0

1970 Intrepid USA 4-1